Haley2 vs Krueger2, SR17: Spread The Net

1. Lists

The list I was playing is the three amigos version of Haley2 with 3 Stormclads, I love it, I think is really strong and I like it more than having a Stormwall. That being said, this was my last tournament with it before I switched it to a Hurricane and a Strom Strider

Cygnar Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Heavy Metal

(Haley 2) Major Victoria Haley [+25]
– Avenger [17]
– Firefly [8]
– Stormclad [18]
– Stormclad [18]
– Thorn [13]
– Squire [0(5)]
Captain Arlan Strangewayes [0(4)]
Journeyman Warcaster [0(4)]
– Firefly [8]
Lieutenant Allison Jakes [0(4)]
– Stormclad [18]

My opponent was the TO and this was the bye round since a friend of mine and myself drove 1h for this tournament, I really wanted to play a game every round and he was really nice to play me. This is what I can remember from his list:

Circle Army – 74 / 75 points

(Krueger 2) Krueger the Stormlord [+27]
– Feral Warpwolf [18]
– Feral Warpwolf [18]
– Loki [19]
– Megalith [20]
– Woldwyrd [9]
Gallows Grove [2]
Gallows Grove [2]
Sentry Stone & Mannikins [5]
Sentry Stone & Mannikins [5]
Shifting Stones [3]

It’s one point short, I’m not sure if I have it wrong but I don’t think so.

2. Pre-game thoughts:

I am really experienced into Krueger2, I know to kill Loki ASAP plus keep Sidekick on my jack so that Loki cannot hook it and kill it, even if this helps the wold to the Stormclad.

Let me apologize here for the crappiness of the pictures, it can be seen what’s happening but this is a new phone…

3. Game

Turn 0:

I win the roll to go first and I take it, I do not care too much about terrain. My opponent sticks me with the side that has more forests on it.

Turn 1:

Haley goes first, TKs all the heavies forward, and advances to be behind a wall.

I keep making the mistake of having upkeeps on the table even though he has a wold wyrd on the table, the first turn is fine, but I should have solved it by the second and I don’t until the third.

End of my turn 1

My opponent also runs most of his stuff forward. He makes a mistake and leaves Loki too close to Jake’s Stormclad.

Turn 2:

I am not going to leave this opportunity pass me by, I can send a fully loaded Stormclad to a TKed Loki, and kill it with ease. I have a Stormclad use his gun on a Gallows Grove and kill it. I kill a sentry stone with the central stormclad.

I feat to make sure that I score 1 point (Stormclad in the zone) and lose almost nothing.

End of my turn 2

My opponent does not want to put his Warpwolfs on the zone because I could kill them on the next turn with my Stormclad, instead, he just jams a Sentry Stone in the central zone and gets a shot with a mannikin.

His Megalith does a lot of damage on my Def 14 Stormclad, but doesn’t fully kill it.

I’ve scored one point in my zone, he has scored zero.

Turn 3:

If I can kill the sentry stone, Megalith and a gallows grove I win the game. I feel that killing Megalith is dice dependent, so I do not send Haley to the middle zone to score, instead, I make sure that Thorn kills the sentry stone, the Avenger kill the Gallows Grove and Jakes stands on the flag. I will score 2 points

Somehow a fully loaded Stormclad and a non-crippled Stormclad kill Megalith, I’m up 4 to 0 and my opponent concedes because he does not see how he comes back from this.

End of my turn 3, 4 CP to 0.

Cygnar victory!

4. Post-game

My regular circle matchup is a really good player, so I know this match up far better than my opponent, this lets me prioritize what to kill and what to expose. Also, this scenario is fantastic to a Haley2 that can score 4 points in a single turn.

That being said, my clock management was really bad on this game.

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