Sloan1 vs Krueger1, SR17: Breakdown

1. Lists

I am playing a version of Sloan that my opponent wanted to practice against. I usually do not have those many hunters and have Cyclone’s instead, their pow 12s are better at killing infantry, their armor is better at surviving infantry and they bring more shots per point. However, they are less focus efficient and it seems to be less popular in the current meta.

Cygnar Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Heavy Metal

(Sloan 1) Captain Kara Sloan [+28]
– Hunter [11]
– Hunter [11]
– Hunter [11]
– Hunter [11]
– Hunter [11]
– Stormwall [39]
– Squire [0(5)]
Archduke Alain Runewood, Lord of Fharin [0(4)]
Captain Arlan Strangewayes [0(4)]
Journeyman Warcaster [0(4)]
– Charger [9]

My opponent is playing his #KruegerHill list, which is really annoying since the Tharn will be DEF 16 with tough no knockdown on the approach, with granted vengeance.

Circle Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] The Devourer’s Host

(Krueger 1) Krueger the Stormwrath [+28]
– Ghetorix [21]
– Gorax Rager [7]
Bloodweaver Night Witch [4]
Bloodweaver Night Witch [4]
Tharn Ravager Shaman [0(5)]
Tharn Ravager Shaman [0(5)]
Tharn Ravager White Mane [0(5)]
Death Wolves [9]
Tharn Bloodweavers [8]
Tharn Bloodweavers [8]
Tharn Ravagers (max) [16]
– Tharn Ravager Chieftain [5]
Tharn Ravagers (max) [16]
– Tharn Ravager Chieftain [5]

Just to keep track of the models, damage boxes and so on: 17 Tharn Ravagers and 14 Bloodweavers.

2. Pre-game thoughts

  • This opponent in particular and I have played over 30 games since Mk 3 came out, and my win ratio is really low. This usually makes me play really cagey but it has improved how I play against Circle since I have been defeated in so many different ways…
  • I need to keep my Stormwall far from Ghetorix and I have to kill as many ravagers as I can from 16 inches away, since they actually threaten 14″ (3″ repo, 6″ movement, 3″ charge, 2″ reach = 14″ ) and they will kill hunters like nobody’s business.
  • I also need to take care of the blood weavers, since they will demolish my hunters.
  • I will not focus on scenario until I have taken care of enough Tharn.


3. Game:

Turn 0:

I lose the roll and I choose my side. In hindsight, I might have chosen the wrong side, there is a forest where he can hide Ghetorix and still charge the Stormwall. However, this never comes into play and by choosing my side I deny a trench for my opponent to hide Krueger on (again, not important since killing Krueger was never an option anyway).

Turn 1:

My opponent runs all of his stuff forward, he does block LOS to the Chieftains and to the Shamans. The Death Wolves run up on a hill and Ghetorix and Krueger are hiding behind a house. The Bloodweavers are flanking really hard.

Krueger casts Gale Winds as expected, so the Ravagers are defense 16 and the Bloodweavers are defense 17.

Top of 1, some shooting is about to happen…

My turn, how many def 16’s can I miss? How many tough rolls can my opponent pass?


Sloan kicks the Squire, casts Fire Group and Guided Fire, and puts Refuge on herself. She goes up and shoots a Ravager, kills it but my opponent toughs. I refuge back to be 15″ away from the Ravager and out of kill box. The Hunters and Stormwall follow up next, some aim some do not, either way, nothing dies! I roll a lot of 1,2,1s and my opponent toughs the rest. I place a couple of covering templates to stop the Bloodweavers from massively charging into my hunters.At this point, I expected to have hit at least 6 Tharn ( 75% of my shoots since I need boosted 7s when aiming and boosted 9s when not) and killed at least 3. But the count is not in my favor: 0 Tharns were killed while playing this turn.

Turn 2:

My opponent charges a unit of Ravagers into one of my hunters and runs them to stop me from putting the Stormwall into the center zone. He sends the rest of the Tharns to contest both circle zones.

Krueger casts Gale Winds again so the Ravagers on the open are defense 16, defense 18 in the forest and the Bloodweavers are defense 17, Ghetorix defense with a building is to much too even consider.

Can I kill enough to Ravagers to make a difference?

This will be my feat turn, I need to clear as many Ravagers as I can while keeping the Stormwall far from the Ghetorix. Runewood runs into a zone as to not give away too many free points.

Sloan feats and starts putting some shots into Ravagers, Hunters follow up, and Stormwall finishes the firing lane.

My dice are slightly more in my favor this turn, and when the dust settles I’ve killed 6 Ravagers.

I expected this number to be a little bit higher: I took 8 hunter shots at rat 9 (aiming), 2 Sloan shots at rat 10 (aiming), 3 pow 14s rat 6s from the stormwall and 6 pow 10s from the Stormwall.

I expected to have killed 8 or so, the problem is that I have not cleared enough Tharns from the center zone, so now my opponent will be able to put his Ghetorix on the other side of the forest, score and threaten the Stormwall if he goes into the zone.

I have made a huge mistake: I have not contested the left zone, instead, I tried to use the Stormwall’s pot to kill two Tharn, but it didn’t work and I gave up one point.



Bottom of 2, the dust has settled and not enough Tharns are dead.


Turn 3:

My opponent charges my three hunters on the left with Bloodweavers, doing some damage but mostly stopping their guns. On the right, he charges them into Runewood, killing him, and engaging the Hunter.

The Ravagers from the center zone charge the Stormwall, not doing too much damage but locking him out of the center zone.

Ghetorix walks behind the forest as expected and toes the zone. As per usual, Krueger casts Gale Winds and stays safe.

My opponent goes to 4-0, at this point I’ve lost the game. I can contest the three zones but he will have no issue cleaning them up again, therefore the game is over.

Cygnar looses

4. Post-game:

The matchup is not that bad when you don’t do stupid mistakes:

  1. Roll better, and prioritize targets. I should have gone harder for the center zone so that I could run Stormwall onto that zone, maybe even two.
  2. I should not have given a free point to my opponent, the fact that you have to win by 6 is a bigger illusion that you think, scoring is really live, it happens, stop it as early and often as you can.
  3. Feat a turn sooner, with Sloan if you have the targets and no shots are going to get wasted, you should just feat.
  4. If you feat late, as I did, the Stormwall shooting might be a trap, especially in SR 2107 since the Stormwall can contest so many zones and is hard to remove.
  5. I should have chosen the other side, give the trench to Krueger and have no assassination angle, but have a better scenario presence.



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