Haley2 vs Fyanna2, Scenario: Take and Hold

1. Lists

My list is a copy from courage’s of caspia‘s previous Haley2 version, he called it “” but for my is the “Three amigos!” because it has 3 Stormclads on it:
Cygnar Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Heavy Metal
(Haley 2) Major Victoria Haley [+25]
 – Avenger [17]
 – Firefly [8]
 – Stormclad [18]
 – Stormclad [18]
 – Thorn [13]
 – Squire [0(5)]
Captain Arlan Strangewayes [0(4)]
Journeyman Warcaster [0(4)]
 – Firefly [8]
Lieutenant Allison Jakes [0(4)]
 – Stormclad [18]
My opponent is playing Fyanna2, an interesting version of her in Oracle’s:
Legion Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Oracles of Annihilation
(Fyanna 2) Fyanna, Torment of Everblight [+28]
 – Angelius [17]
 – Angelius [17]
 – Naga Nightlurker [8]
 – Neraph [12]
 – Neraph [12]
 – Seraph [14]
Blighted Nyss Shepherd [1]
Blighted Nyss Shepherd [1]
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion [0(6)]
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion [0(6)]
Spell Martyr [1]
Spell Martyr [1]
The Forsaken [4]
Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters (max) [15]
 – Bayal, Hound of Everblight [0(6)]

2. Pre-game thoughts

  • I am not going to feat until either my opponent feats or until I’m really up on attrition and I can guarantee scoring two points.
  • My avenger is not going to be worth much because is slow and I cannot knock anything down, plus the hex hunters will more likely be immune to blast anyways. Therefore, my avenger will be the trading piece.

3. Rounds:

I apologize, I do not have pictures until turn 3, but you can see a picture of the end of turn 3 to understand what I mean when I write left/right.

End of my turn 3

Turn 0:

I win the roll and I choose to go first, Fyanna2 is so fast that I really need to get all my heavies up the field as far as I can.

My opponent chooses the side, I realize that I have a trench where Haley can be outside of killbox (by mm) and safe from shots or gallows, so I plan on sticking her there and not move her until is time to go get the flag.
I deploy symmetrically:, two Stormclads on the right side in front of my flag, and the avenger and the other Stormclad in front of my opponent flag. Firefelies deploy in the middle so they can run to either flank so that I can have them shoot at the hex hunters ASAP.
The opponent also deploys symmetrically: one Angel, one Neraph, a Sorceress, a Spell martyr and a Shepherd at each side. The rest is in the center. The hex hunters AD in the middle of the board
Turn 1:
My plan starts on track: I run all the heavies up, activate Haley and TK all of them 2 inches forward. My fireflies run so I can shoot at the hex hunters next turn.
I have Arcane Shield on Thorn, since he will be crucial at killing sorcerers and spell martyrs, the only way I can decide engagement is if my opponent cannot gallows me, and the only way I can survive charges is if my opponent has to pay for them.
My opponent takes a bunch of attacks onto my heavies with the hex hunters, he does 1 or 2 points of damage per heavy, but his goal is to stop me from running.
Turn 2:
I send my fireflies after hex hunters and they kill 6 of them, the other. I then put Thorn to work, he runs within 12 inches of a sorceress. Haley needs 6s to hit and I miss the first one, even with the reroll from the Squire, two more and she is empty but the sorceress is dead, she walks out of killbox.
Thorn reaction drives behind and unbuffed Stormclad. If my opponent wants to charge the Stormclad with the Angelius with Admonition, I’ll take it, I will kill it by TKing it and hitting it with the sidekick stromclad. My Stormclads kill 2 more hex hunters and a spell martyr. I send the Avenger in to be in range of a Neraph and he shoots one more of the hex hunters of the table.
How much of mine will survive my opponent turn 2?
As expected my oppoonent sends the two remaining hex hunters to beat on the Avenger, and then a Neraph with Fury to finish the job. He moves Fyanna out of kill box.
Turn 3:
My goal is to start traiding, so I send Thorn within 8 inches of it and TK it towards me turning him around. I put Arcane Shield on a Stormclad, I TK it forward and give it Temporal Acceleration, it walks forward and overkill the Neraph. Before doing so, I have my fireflies kill the remaining hex hunters and put some shots on the Neraph as to get damage on the Forsaken.
My right side is clear enough, my opponent only has an Angelius but no way of casting gallows, so I retreat from it and move those two heavies to the other flank.
A question for readers, with my opponent having access to wraithbane, is it even worth it to put Arcane Shield on the forward Stormclad? I do it to mess with his order of activations…
End of my turn 3, the Arcane shielded Stormclad on the left just killed a Neraph but will get charged either by a Neraph or by an Angelius. My right side is as far from that Angelius as possible. 
My opponent does as expected, activates the Naga, put wraithbane on the Neraph, activate Fyanna cast Fury on the Neraph and charge the Stormclad. It doesn’t finish it killing it so now I have a fairly broken Stormclad that is contesting his flag. But the Naga cannot sprint away.

My opponent has the other sorceress run within 4 of his flag so that at least is contesting.Turn 4:

Rinse and repeat, we need to kill that Naga and the Sorceress, I have given up on my flag, so all my heavies are on the other side. My fireflies go first and boost to hit and damage on her and kill her. I TK the engaged Neraph with Fury: DEF: 14+4-1=17, I need boosted 9s with a reroll, it goes off on the first try, after that, I temporal accelerate and TK the Sidekicked Stormclad, the Stormclad kills the Neraph, and then jakes use energizer to bring it back to “safety”.

I might win this, I’m up on attrition but my clock is 7-10 min lower than my opponent, that might be a huge problem.


End of my turn 4, I just killed the other Neraph and gave up on my right side. 

My opponent sends the Angelius to kill a Firefly and beats on the Stormclad with Sidekick, without wraithbane is hard to do so and only kills the Firefly. The Angelius with Admonition runs to the middle of the board, and passes turn.

Turn 5:


I don’t see him measure it but my opponent placement of the Angelius with Admonition is my definition of pro-placement, he is within 6 inches of my flag and his flag, so if I move to contest either, he might move to contest.

However, there is one side on both flags that are safe to stand on, this is my turn, if I can kill the Angelius with 2 fully loaded Stormclads, I can feat and score 2 points. I proceed to do so, I TK it backward so that neither of my Stormclads has to move (as to not trigger admonition). It again goes off on my first attempt, and then I move to the flag and feat. I catch almost everything so I feel confident that I can win this game now. I move Thorn to my right side as to have more hitting power in case he sends something to contest. This is a mistake, he should have been higher on the field so that nothing could come to contest. I run the remaining Firefly to the flag and score 2 points.

It has been 5 turns until my feat came up, but I’m 2-0, can he come back?

My opponent moves the Angelius towards his flag and moves his Neraph towards my flag as to contest. My opponent finally feats.

End of the turn 5, I just killed the other Angelius and gave up on my right side. 

Turn 6:

I’m really low on time and my opponent feated, so there is no reason for me to make one attack. I have the firefly try to swing at the Sheeperd and my opponent chooses to move the Angelius as to be farther from both my Stormclads. I TK the Neraph more than 4″ away from the flag and move the Thorn on the other side of the flag as to protect Haley and put some hurt onto the Neraph, mat 7 on the back boosting, I get some damage. I pass turn and I’m at 7 min or so.

I am at 3-0, and less than 10 min on the clock.

My opponent uses that Angelius to kill the Firefly, and walks the Neraph closer to my flag and puts some damage into Thorn, taking the movement and arcnode out.

Turn 7:

I am really low on clock, so I have to kill things as fast as I can, I wanted to charge the Angelius with the sidekick Stormclad, but at this point is too far from Jakes and doesn’t get focus, I should have run the Arcane Shielded Stormclad to engage the Naga, but I don’t see it. I have tunnel vision and I have Haley TK the Neraph around and start beating it with Echo, she kills it.

I am at 4-0, and less than 2 min on the clock.

My opponent has 2 minutes left, so he runs the Naga to my flag. The Naga has been damaged over the game with some lucky leaps from the Firefly.

Turn 8:

I have time for one activation, maybe two, I activate Haley, TK the naga around, and start putting spears into it, there are 5 seconds left on the clock and I roll damage, the exact amount left on the Naga. The clock goes off but I’m already at 5 points!

Victory for the Cygnar!

4. Post-game:

I need to play this matchup again, is really scary, I also need to go faster on the previous turns, I loose 2-4 min per turn just finding my tokens and asking stats to my opponent. Otherwise, the matchup is not that bad, the fact that the sidekick makes on jack immune to gallows is great so that we can try to snipe important models and stay behind the sidekick model: just imagine thorn walking behind a huge jack and poking his head to see what’s up front.

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