Judgement, the game

Every wargamer I talk to has a different opinion on Kickstarter being used to fund new games, and I have backed some and not others. So when an Australian company (unknown to me) released its Kickstarter asking for $34k (ish) USD to start a new game, I made a mistake and didn't back it. The game in question... Continue Reading →

Reroll damage – the math behind it

If you had been reading the internet these past few days you might have seen that Cygnar is getting some new sweet models, because we deserve it. In particular, one unit that called my attention was the Trencher Longguners, without going into too much detail, they can reroll damage rolls. This is a primer, and... Continue Reading →

Sloan1 vs Krueger1, SR17: Breakdown

1. Lists I am playing a version of Sloan that my opponent wanted to practice against. I usually do not have those many hunters and have Cyclone's instead, their pow 12s are better at killing infantry, their armor is better at surviving infantry and they bring more shots per point. However, they are less focus efficient... Continue Reading →

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